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Breast Cancer in Bones

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I am having a very difficult time finding a pain medicine to work for me. As far as I know, I have NOT had what is termed "bone pain," which would be a dull, persistant ache. I have the type of pain which can only be described as sharp, stabbing pains whenever I move...very similar to wrenching or pulling muscles. At this point, my whole torso is affected as well as my shoulders. In trying to find pain relief, I have tried, Extra-Strength Excedrin, Tylenol 3, Vicodin, Fentanyl (Duragesic) pain patch, Celebrex, Motrin, Roxanol (morphine) and Ultram (opiate). The biggest problem is that NOTHING I try takes the pain away. I mean, after all, when I have a headache, I take an aspirin & it goes away, so why aren't any of these pain medications working on my muscle pain which is caused by the cancer in my bones? And whenever I try some of the stronger drugs, such as morphine, I end up vomiting for hours because of it....without ever having any pain relief. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I am so sick of trying pain medication and not knowing whether I'll throw up or not. The oncologist's answer is just to keep prescribing more drugs in hopes that I'll find something that works.

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You might want to ask your doctor about anti-inflammatory medicines. My dad had severe pain that wouldn't go away with extra-strength pain relievers, and anti-inflammatory drugs worked wonders. You have to take it during a meal so your stomach is coated with food and doesn't get irritated.

I really hope you get relief, let me know if this helps.

Love and hugs,

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thanks Cathie, but the Celebrex, the Motrin and the Excedrin are considered anti-inflammatory....they didn't work either. I'm at my wit's end because nothing works.

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There just isn't anything worse than being in pain. Pain causes depression and a less desired quality for our lives. I too tried many medications but for the diseases left from my treatments. Nothing truly ever got rid of all the pain. Morphine was next for me.
I got sick of shoving nothing but pills down my throat and suffering the ill side affects from them. Bad enough I had to have them all through my treatments. I have a speech I gave to a conference once about pain in the Gallery section of this site. Living Well With Cancer is the title.
I finally couldn't see my life getting any better so decided to search on my own for something. It was another cancer survivor who turned me onto Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice (in the USA) Nectar (in Canada).
She didn't get treated for her cancer she turned to this incredible fruit based product. I did too and have lived a better quality of life for it. I now longer have to take various perscriptions, Noni has gotten rid of the pain when the med's alone could not. Life is good.
or just check into NONI FRUIT on the search engines of internet.
Sometimes we have to go beyond the medical system, especially after they have told you they have done all they can for you. Not a great feeling when suffering inside.
Take care of yourself and get rid of the pain. Life is a whole lot different when your quality of life improves.
Take good care,

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I do hope you got my personal e-mail message to your start page. Let me know if you didn't.
Hugs and prayers, Brenda

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My mom has breast cancer in her bones also. She is on liquid morphine because it allows her to take more or less whenever she needs it. She is also on motrin 800 mgms. She still feels pain also but not as bad as it would be without the medicine. I think with bone cancer, you cant eliminate the pain completely. God bless you always.

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Hi there.
I have metastatic cancer in my bones (all of my spine & pelvis) and have horrific pain. I am on Kapenol (slow relaease morphine given twice daily) which does not cause the nausea that straight morphine does. If I get breakthrough pain I take Paradex. It's a mixture of paracetamol & digesic & works well but you can only take 8 per day because of the risk of liver damage. The pain you have is caused by muscle spasms caused by the cancer in the bones I had this a lot early on my disease and found the Paradex together with Rivotril (chlorazapam - a nerve tranquilizer) worked very well. Speak to your oncologist or family doctor about this combination. As my tumours are shrinking from chemo treatment I am finding the muscle spasms happen less & less. What treatment regime are you on? I hope this advice works for you as it did for me. Lots of Love. Pam

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