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what to do

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I am having a problem with my chemo effects
My problem is my cancer doctor said that my pain
and being very tired was not from my chemo.
but other people have told it might be.So I don't know who to belive. I do know I have pain and i am so tired it is also hard to think evey thing feels so strange.It have been six months from the end of my chemo

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I disagree with your doctor. Your body has just been through hell with all the cancer treatment. It takes time for your body to recover from the treatment. I know from my own experience it took almost a year to start having more energy. and my body aches were alot more intense after chemo. They to have gotten better, it just takes time...

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I totally disagree with your doctor! I was so exhausted from chemo I could barely go up the stairs. I'd haul everything I thought I'd need during the day down with me in the morning, so I wouldn't need to go back up for anything. It took me WEEKS to get some of my energy back, and the docs told me it could take up to 1 or 2 years to feel normal again. I also had 'chemo brain' which made me stupid (I still use that as an excuse...). I've read in papers that chemo brain is a documented side effect that can take 6 months to 2 years to go away. I never had the pain after chemo, but I certainly had it during, and I know lots of others who have it after chemo. Maybe you need a second opinion. Do you belong to any cancer support groups? They're a great resource.

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Yeah. What you said. Chemo brain. Me too. Ugh. Me get normal soon?

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