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I have just read a recent post on menopause. I am a year out of treatments and I am now experiencing menopause. My gyn tested my levels and he told me my estrogen was undetectable. I am experiencing, low libdo, joint pain in my fingers, major mood swings and all kinds of sweats. He presecribed an estrogen patch, Vivelle and a progestrogen pill, Provera. Of course I read all the side effects on things now and saw all the cancers that can be caused with these meds. Has anyone else been put on things like this? What natural suggestions do you have? How about supplements? I'm scared to try any meds but don't want to suffer either.
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    My gyno put me on Vagifem estrogen tablets, which are inserted into the vagina via an applicator. You begin dosage with one tablet daily for 2 weeks, then after that one tablet twice weekly. This is a low dose estrogen. It has helped tremendously with vaginal dryness and stenosis, which were my main complaints.