Response from American Cancer Society re: discussion board topics on search engines

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Hi everyone, I did receive a response from the ACS and I noticed today on the page where they list all the various types of cancer, there is now a disclaimer.

I feel that they should have had this originally. I don't mind sharing my experiences but I thought that a discussion group was confidential between their members. Prior to my joining the ACS discussion group, I joined a telephone support group and I was told originally that everything was confidential and it was only between people in the group, even when you called their main number to talk to a hotline cancer survivor. I have learned alot from the members of this ACS group and also have shared my experiences. I just strongly feel that many of us discuss dr. names, even our own names, places where we're seen, interactions with staff and personal information about ourselves. I don't feel the public should be able to view what we write back and forth. People should have to sign in as a member of the American Cancer Society discussion group. It's one thing to search for a particular treatment, medication, or illness on the internet, it's another thing to actually have a person's discussion posted. Anyway, as I explained, this is only how I feel and many of you may not agree with me.


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    just a thought...
    I noticed that too.
    Two schools of thought - (1) I want my thoughts and comments to be private, but (2) I DID find this community through a search engine...
    Catch 22...