Looks like it's getting hot

Sonia32 Member Posts: 1,071 Member
in the religious forum lol.

Btw I think I can understand why we stick to the forums were we feel we can relate too and not move to others. I had colon cancer hence I come here to be happy,sad,angry whatever. Wish we could all get along like they do in the other forums more so the breast cancer forum (sigh)


  • karguy
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    Well it looks like I missed something again,but I always thought we did get along,as long as we can help each other.
  • lisa42
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    hugs to you Sonia :)
    Hello my friend,

    Just wanted to say hello and I'd love to chat over the phone again sometime!
    Maybe we can arrange it sometime soon.

    Have a good day and week...

  • dasspears
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    It's because
    that site talks about cancer and stays away from religion and politics. Same for another site I visit. I'm not sure why some cannot understand this is a cancer forum. Darnest thing!