Colon Infection

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I have currently been doing chemo since 8/09. My cancer is now in my liver. I was having bad pains in my right side this weekend and went to the er. Doctor there said that my colon has an infection and put me on steroids and pain meds. He said I also need to have another colonosopy. My colon has been clear since surgery in July 09. I am feeling scared again.

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    colon infection
    I just got out of hospital due to colon infection. I have colon cancer which was removed, but my colon has lots of diviticulous *SP)something I have had for years and I understand there is a high percentage of people over 50 with it. I don't see much discussion about it on the site. It can start with left or right sided pain. The bad part if they don't control it, it can abcess and become dangerous and might require surgery. Since part of my colon is gone, they put me in hospital, no food, just iv's and meds for 3/4 days. Came home with meds and have to be on low fiber diet till it heals. Just another thing to worry about. They would have done another colonoscopy normally, but just had one in October. Did get another c scan which of course I'll have to go over with oncologist, since he is at a different hospital. Sounds like your dr. is right on, ask if you have diviticulosis. I have never taken steroids for it, usually antibotics. Hope this helps. Pat
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    I am so sorry to hear of this complication. I have no words of advice as I don't have experience with a colon infection but, I did want to say that I hope the meds work and that you are feeling better soon. I just went through a hospitalization for obstruction. It just seems that our intestines are never the same once they have been manhandled. Hang in there.
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    Sorry to hear this
    Oh, my. I'm sorry to read this. I hope that it will be something they can clear up easily. Hopefully the colonoscopy will show nothing wrong!