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Is it normal to feel some light pain or discomfort from surgeries that are 10 months ago. Sometimes I feel discomfort on both my sides left side would be colon surgery and right the liver. Of course my mind runs wild fearing the worst. Any thoughts???



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    Scar tissue can cause various pains at surgical sites.

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    C Dixon said:

    Scar tissue can cause various pains at surgical sites.


    I am two years out of liver and still don't like to sleep on my right hurts that side...stretch class on the 5 year old colon surgery still stretches....

    try not to worry....

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    Yup still pain almost two years out. Don't think it ever goes away, well if it does, that would be great.

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    Okay, so here's my question, did it always hurt or just started hurting for everybody months out? I mean I'm month and 1/2 out and I'm so happy after getting the stent out, that I can now sleep comfortably on my right side as well as my left. In other words, I'm comfortable on back, either side or stomach, so does it start hurting later on? If so, I'm not looking forward to it.
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    Bobby, I'm 3 years out from my colon resection and have chronic pain. I've even been hospitalized for it on occasion. You're normal!

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    I have had surgery twice once for the original rectal cancer and six months ago for a reoccurrence in my colon. My surgeon said of the pain and discomfort that when they take out areas of the colon they simply can't put it back the way it was structurally because they have taken out length. In other words those nice photos they have of the asending/transverse/decending/colons don't apply to us anymore. They remove then re-attach and try to place the colon in the best position possible for the flow and go (my words not his). Then there are adhesions I had a ton of them from my first surgery five years ago to my last six months ago that they corrected. Of course there is always scar tissue at the tumor site. I feel mine all the time where they removed the last tumor in my asending colon right above the liver near my floating rib. We always think it's cancer. But if you think about it when I had cancer I felt pretty great. I didn't even know I had it so cancer rarely lets us know with localized pain and discomfort except for blockages. I am hopeful the pain goes away in time but it may not. Good luck to you! Lou