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My mom's ca125 is at 89 after having 7 infusions of carbo/taxol. Not sure what this means? If chemo is successful do you always reach NED or a CA 125 of 35 or below?
She was suppossed to get 8 infusions and because of such terrible neuropathy in her feet gyn/onc decided not to do the last infusion. She's in so much pain almost all day every day that she's miserable. Nothing seems to alleviate the pain. They are going to schedule a PET scan to "check" things out. Does a ca 125 of 89 mean no remission????
Before debulking surgery is was at 1700. So I realize it's a great improvment but was really wanting to hear it was under 35.


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    Technically, NED requires a
    Technically, NED requires a normal CT scan and a normal CA125 score. There are some women for whom it just isn't a good marker, though. Their CA125 tends to run high, even when they don't have cancer. Truthfully, 89 is higher than they like to see, but you sometimes don't reach your nadir (low point) for up to 90 days after the last treatment.
    My nadir was 4.8 and it did not show up until I had been off Carbo for almost 4 months. I honestly doubt your mom's will drop below 35, but it very well may continue to drop for several weeks.

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    I would take 89 and be happy with it for my mom. After 7 infusions of carbo/taxol Mom's was 4018. Today she is heading for her 2nd treatment of the clinical trial drug.
    Don't look for what she doesn't have look for the positives.
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    neuropathy pain
    If your Mom starts feeling good enough to declare herself in remission, go with it. Take things one day at a time, and see what can be done about that pain. My mother has required both Neurontin and Lyrica to help her recover from chemo-caused neuropathic pain. The pharmacist says they're pretty much the same, but she needs both of them. Neither seems to have side effects.

    Sorry to say, I think PET scans are done when there is suspicion that something is going on. But they don't show everything. Still, Mom has had 3 in the last couple of years, and they're easier to take compared to a CT because you don't have to drink all that chalky stuff. Good luck.