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hi everyone:
I am a year and 4 months post radiation. Right now I seem more sensitive to what I eat; I often have days of loose stools. Does anyone else have this challenge? i think what's hard for me is the unpredicability of it.(needing to be near a bathroom)

I am so grateful for this site; I read the posts and want to give you all a hug!


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    Loose Stools
    I had a very difficult time about 4 months out with loose stools and the unpredictability. Mine has improved, but I still have times of urgency to get to the bathroom in time. Yes, I did notice that it occurred more when I ate fresh vegetables or other foods.
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    Hi alis
    Even at 28 months post-treatment, I experience occasional loose stools and urgency. Food choices have a lot to do with it, I believe. You are not that far out from treatment, so I would advise you to just be patient, as it will improve with time. Also, have you tried keeping a food journal to track what you eat and the results afterwards? It may help you identify trigger foods that you then could avoid.

    I had this problem on a regular basis for about the first 6 months and my radiation oncologist suggested I take one Imodium tablet daily as a routine. I did this for awhile and it seemed to help. He assured me it was not going to cause any harm. You might try that to see if you get any relief.

    Also, it took a few months before I could even begin eating fresh fruits and veggies. I had to gradully add them back into my diet.
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    I like hugs!!
    I'm almost 3 years out of treatment and still have issues but nothing like I did after treatment. Fried foods, cole slaw and similar foods do not get along with my small intestines. I take Miralax every morning along with a fiber pill and stool softener to keep my stools soft as I have a constant small fissure. It took me a good 24 months before I was getting back to "normal" and just in the last 4 months, getting my "new normal" under control. Still have some urgency on days but otherwise, once you get into a routine, you can manage much better. I now know what time of the day I need to be near a bathroom.

    Hope this helps - glad you finished with treatment.