Good news today.

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I went to my Lung doctor (for Interstitial Lung Disease) today and he told me that my lungs sound really good. He said, I didn't have to come back to see him unless I needed him for anything. He shook my hand and said good luck and he said, "Don't you wish your oncologist would tell you that?". I said, "Boy, I sure do." I knew my lungs were doing a lot better because I only have been using my oxygen when I exert myself, i.e., go up stairs, go up an incline, or dancing (ha..ha). Well he really made my day. I needed that perk.

Now I can zero in on my cancer. I am ready to get this stuff out of my body. Had my first Avastin treatment yesterday and so far, so good.

One day at a time.

((((Hugs to all))))


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    So happy for you! Lots of
    So happy for you! Lots of deep breathing! Susan