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This is MOE i am sorry to say I was banned by CSN, for standing my ground, of course we had a room monitor in the chat room and on board called SOCCERFREAKS, and because I was good friends of with someone that was already banned but was under his wifes account and me under Jeff's acccount they banned all the accounts.

I miss you guys and would love to continue to help you guys I am glad I was able to help so many of you all.

I met so many wonderful people on the discussion board and obviously I helped them because they are asking for me and wondering why i am not there anymore.

well there is another site i joined called Cancer Compass its not the same but at least you can help others too.

I wish you all luck if you want me i have e-mail addresses some people have them

take care and miss you all


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    Hi, Will be checking it out
    Hi, Will be checking it out and looking for you!
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    Tried to find you yesterday
    Wow, I will be checking out cancer compass. Could you email me so I can have your email address? I tried to find yours yesterday and I guess our messages were too old. You have been so helpful in our battle! I don't want to lose touch.