Scary politics

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Having burned out on politics a few years ago I try to stay as apoliticial as possible but this was frigthening:

"Eric Cantor said this morning, under hard questioning I should add, that yes indeed cancer research would also be on the table when you talk about cutting spending. Can you envision cuts in cancer research?"

This was Bob Schieffer restating what Cantor had said on a Sunday morning news show. I fear that the great strides that have been made will begin to slow. Very sad.


  • poopergirl14052
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    Hope not
    Making cuts for ca would be very disheartening for all cancer survivors. Cuts can be made elsewhere i am sure. We need all the funding we can get. Hope they changer their minds,we can only HOPE!!!!
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    Cancer, human life and earth
    Money seems to be all that matters to a certain brand of politician. And while our money problems are serious, these folks are highly selective in what they deem to be emergency cuts. They are plenty happy to hack away benefits for human welfare while corporate subsidies, defense spending and tax cuts for the rich are sacrosanct. They don't even talk about them. Meanwhile they live on the dole of the American people with perfect benefits and great salaries.

    I'd go further and say that the sickest aspect of their approach is their supposed alliance with "family values" over the years, even to the point of claiming religion as their own, and providence of God even! The arrogance and presumption in heir attitude and approach belies everything the bible, for example, says about how to conduct ourselves. So their stated politics definitely do not coincide with their actions. In other words, they are hypocrites.

    I always think the case is stated best in that there is little they do for conservation, yet they call themselves "conserve"atives. Oxymoron.