Intestinal Issues Years Later

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Hey everyone, I am new here.

SO, I had testicular cancer around 7 years ago, had the first surgery where one of my jewels :-P was removed and then another, (since it had spread) that opened up my stomach from rib cage to right above my crotch, (do not know the name of the surgery).

So the issue I have been having, really for the past 7 years on and off, (but it became way worse recently as I became a vegetarian and I am using the bathroom a LOT due to all the veggies) is that I sometimes get a pain in my left side, followed by a lot of gas, then anywhere from 2-10 runs to the bathroom with stool that gets ever softer, (and in the times where it is more like 10 runs, eventually diarrhea). But as soon as all of this goes away and my intestines are empty, everything is hunky dory again. But the pain in my left side, when it happens, is BAD for just a minute...until I can feel the stools moving down and then the pain subsides. This has been a consistent thing since the major surgery (and I wonder if the docs created some sort of kink when they were cleaning all the tumors out of my insides) it was actually a lot more of a consistent problem RIGHT after I returned to "normal" life following chemo and surgery 7 years ago, (usually Carl's Jr or similar fastfood would set it off).

I am wondering if anyone knows what this is (the name of the issue or at least symptoms) or if it is at all common. Every Dr who dealt with cancer that I have asked had no clue.



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    I don't check in here often
    I don't check in here often enough, I guess.

    Well, I don't have your problem, I had problems with intestinal obstructions in the 10 years after my RPLND (Retro Peritoneal Lymph Node Dissection). On two occasions, I had to be opened back up to remove the adhesions (scar tissue) & open up my intestines so things would work again.

    I also had a number of times that I suspected I had an obstruction, but it never got bad enough to see a doc before it went away. Excessive gas can indeed cause pain, I used to get that every so often even as a child. Vegetarian diets are known for causing gas in some people, so you might just need to re-think your balance of veggies.

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    Same intestinal problems

    I was diagnosed and treated in the 70's.  I had sporadic intestinal problems on and off for many years, but it was never major, life-changing problem--until now.  I have so many problems that I have had to stop working.  The docs have named my current illness, but that's as far as they go, naming it. Chronic Radiation Enteritis (or sometimes called Chronic Radiation Colitis).  They say that it is a long-term consequence of both the radiation and chemo --especially as it was used in the 70's.    They tell me there is just no specific treatment for what I have.  

    I'd also be interested in talking to others with this kind of fallout, appearing years after a successful treatment.