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How the heck do you put on false eyelashes??? I have tried several times and gave up. They glue to my eyeballs lol not really but they are crooked and i look like a drunken you know what. My hubby laughed and told me to take them off. I did. I felt down al nite. all the other woman had nice long lashes and i have none. Maybe one day I'll figure it out....val


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    Not Silly at All
    I usually post on the colorectal board (hubby). And no it's not a silly question. I tried false eyelashes for the first time on Halloween, had them put on at the salon. I have tried several times on my own and cannot do it! I loved the look so much I wish I could do it every day! When my husband was on Erbtitux he had beautiful long think lashes.

    I am going to keep trying!

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    I wore them years and years
    I wore them years and years ago but they just don't work/look as good when you have no lashes to glue them to. I think that's the problem. I tried them once after I lost my eyelashes but gave up when I could not make them look realistic enough to suit me.

    I wear eyeliner on my upper and lower lids. It does a fairly good job of camouflaging my lack of eyelashes. The photo here was taken after I lost every hair on my body. What you see is all smoke and mirrors.

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    I do
    wear them once in a while, but Carlene is right, without an eyelash base to set them on, it is hard to get them in the right place. I had a girl friend put them on me a couple times, who is a make up pro, for a couple weddings. Other than that, liner, shadow and fake eye brows are the way to go, it think. Fortuantely, they do grow back quickly once you are off the taxol.
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    They are hard to do
    I am getting better at it but try cutting them in half or even thirds they are much more managable . I can now do them in one piece but it took practice. I only wear them once in a while as the eyeliner as Carline says works pretty good. The cheapest place I found them was at walmart. I too suffer from 'eyelash envy' Also they are reuseable I think the directions for cleaning them is o the package.
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    Sure wish I could have used them, too, but it was advised at the 'Look Good Feel Better' to not use them. You have no base lashes to adhere the glue to - glue can get in your eye, too. Like Carlene, I used eyeliner and it does help give the illusion of lashes. Good luck!

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    false eyelashes
    I wear falsies nearly everyday although I try to give my eyes a rest every now and then. The key to wearing false lashes is to put the glue on the lash and then let the glue dry for about 10 seconds before applying, that way the glue is slightly set and holds to the eyelid better. Also I apply the lashes with a tweezer and gently place the lash strip from the middle and smooth down with fingers on the edges. It does take some practice and I don't get it right every time. Some days when i'm in a rush or late for work and just can't get the lashes on I have to say to myself 'walk AWAY from the lashes' and spend the day bare eyed!!! I must admit though once or twice I have gone completely hysterical when I can't get them on but I'm trying not to do that anymore. It's also worth noting that you may need to try a few different designs of lashes before you find the one that's right, I went through about 4 different designs. I know what you mean about looking at other people with their lovely eyelashes, it's amazing what you miss when you no longer have it. But we'll get them back eventually. I'm also having to pencil my eyebrows in at the moment as they've nearly completely fallen out.
    Take care.
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    Hi poopergirl,
    Being a

    Hi poopergirl,

    Being a veteran hairstylist/esthetician...false eyelashes will not adhere to the eyelids without a base (your own lashes to adhere to).

    As a facilitator with the "Look Good Feel Better" program; I tell my participants to give the effect of lashes, to go really bold with dark (be it brown or black), liquid eyeliner.

    It's not the ideal, but it really does the trick until your own lashes begin to grow back.

    Take care