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Hi all my peeps.

I just love that it's just so dear.

I just got home from UCSF a little bit ago, very tiring commute and day. Had a 10AM labs and 11AM doctor appt, didn't get out of there until after 1PM. By than I was totally spent. But well worth it as my ultra sound of my spleen was totally normal and this confirms my CT was all clear and I am still in remission. Both my local Onc and my SF Specialist Onc are very pleased with my almost one year remission, finished chemo 2/15/10. Said if I make another 4 years I will be cured. WOW, wouldn't that be nice. But said that making one year really ups the odds for me. Didn't make one year last time with my recurrence.

So just wanted to share my good news. 20% done, only 80% left to go, LOL

Wishing you all health and happiness,


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    Oh what wonderful news! I know it's been a long day, but so very worth it!

    Enjoy honey...you deserve it!

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    Fantastic News!
    Wonderful news. Very encouraging. Thank you for sharing that!

    All the best,
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    Happy news...happy peeps!
    Hi Leslie,
    Great news...what a relief! Relax now and enjoy the New Year!
    Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
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    So glad to hear that Leslie!!!
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    test results
    Hi, Great news. I am thrilled for you. Relish in the moment.

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    Great news Leslie, CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES. Great song for a great occasion!!!