Urinary infections

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Linda is waiting on test results for a urinary infection. It always crops up when we try to return to "normal" if you catch my drift. But this same thing has had its advent with every bout of cancer and having just come off treatment where the tumor went away dramatically after four rounds of three treatments each, none of them easy, my wife is nervous and scared. She says it seems to affect the lymph nodes, which to me says simple infection and circumstantial. But you never know.

There is no easy answer half the time is there? You just get the tests done and wait. Those of you inclined to prayer will understand we're praying daily. Trying to get your life back in order after intense rounds of chemo is not easy. Then this.

We just pray it's something simple, like everyone does.



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    Funny thing, I NEVER used to get UTI's. Then I ended up with several during my chemo. I agree that it's just probably a simple infection, but I truly understand your concern.

    Sending lots of prayers and hugs (to both ofyou!) till we hear from you again.

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    Funny you should mention
    I had never had UTI until chemo and not until this clinical trial. But I was told it is not uncommon to have these infections as your immune system is naturally down.

    Cranberry juice and lots of fluids are suppose to help with this among a couple other things as told by both my chemo nurse and my regular gyn here in St. Clairsville, Ohio.

    Prayer is the best and high on our list around here! ☺

    Hope all is well.