Not understanding the DR's right now....

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I have been running every day whether for my brother Raymond or for a new position in my workplace. I just now saw everyone's post on my last note about my brother deciding not to have surgery. I guess I didn't get back on here for a bit because I have been a little depressed that no matter what I told him he will not hear of having the surgery. I would like to thank everyone so much for the support.

Now I am confused. The Oncologist stated that if he decided not to have the surgery that he would have 2 more weeks of radiation and chemo. Today was the end of his 6th week and they said he is now done. I called the Oncologist back and explained what we were previously told about the extra two weeks of radiation and that he already has an appointment with the oncologist Monday to do his next round of chemo but was not understanding why he is done with radiation. They called me back and said he is done with radiation and chemo. (doesn't sound right) Also, stated to keep the appointment on Monday and the DR will let us know where we go from here.

I just find it strange that this past Monday they set up for him to have another round of chemo even giving him another presc. for the nausea medicine and now all of the sudden just say he is done with everything.

I am not wanting to complain that he is done because he has lost a considerable amount of weight and the mouth sores were so horrible but am not liking the fact that we now have to wait until Monday to find out what is going on!



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    Definitive chemoradiation
    While treatment regimens vary from patient to patient, DEFINITIVE chemo and radiation for patients who are not having surgery (but are medically fit) generally includes 28 radiation sessions with concurrent chemo during the radiation. This takes about 5 1/2 weeks if there are no delays. Then, chemo usually continues for a few more weeks after radiation ends, depending upon the particular chemo regimen. In my case, I was on cisplatin and 5FU, given every 21 days. The first 2 chemo sessions were while I was having radiation. I had 2 more chemo sessions after radiation ended.

    The fact that radiation has ended after 6 weeks sounds about right to me. But the chemo will probably continue, if your brother is not going to have surgery.

    I was told most surgical candidates do not get the last two chemo rounds because so much pre-op chemo increases the risk in surgery.

    So I think there's definitely some confusion if they're telling you he's completely done with chemo, but I wouldn't expect any more radiation.

    There might be a short window here, before the next chemo session, to revisit the idea of surgery, but if he's definitely made up his mind, then he shouldn't delay the next chemo session.

    One other thing-- do you know if your brother has adenocarcinoma or squamous cell?

    Best of luck, and you and your brother have my best wishes.
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    Why no surgery?
    Tina, I was wondering why your brother is not having the surgery? I had it, and maybe I can help ease his fears? I don't know the exacts, but if I can help, I will try.
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    Welcome Back
    Hello Tinab1127
    This is Tina B from Virginia who also has a brother Raymond! We have not heard from you in sooo long!
    Sorry you guys seem to be getting a run around. It does seem a bit odd. Listen, it is Raymond's decision if he wants surgery or not. Figure out the chemo/radiation situation and go from there. If you are both not happy with his drs, or his treatments you can always get a 2nd opinion. Give him some time, he may change his mind about the surgery. Surgery is the best way to go if you are a candidate for it. My dad was not, he did chemo/rad for his esophageal cancer and 13 mos. later it went to his liver, and he passed away March 9, 2010. You may want to reconsider Raymond. Hugs to all. Keep us posted.
    Tina in Va
  • Why no surgery?
    Tina, I was wondering why your brother is not having the surgery? I had it, and maybe I can help ease his fears? I don't know the exacts, but if I can help, I will try.

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