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My wife Robin whom is 40yrs old has stage 4 Leiomyosarcoma. In 2005 she had a tumor in her leg and a knee replacement was conducted at the University Of Birmingham. She was given Radiation as a percaution measure. It returned in the jaw bone, lung, and verta-brea in 2008. She now has LMS in her lung, spine and liver. Even though we sound like we are very experienced in this disease it scares us to death. She has took alot of Gimzar & Taxiter. The tumors has shrunk but has not went away and is staying stable. We just at Thanksgiving went to ER from pain in the hip and found that the pelvic had diteriated and a titanium rod had to be installed because of fear of breaking. CT was conducted and tumors were up graded to stage 4. God has blessed us with 2 beautiful daughters 13 & 17 and loosing my wife to this disease is not an option. Since we have tried all the conventional methods of treatment and her tumors is not responding to the Gimzar and Taxiter we are leaning towards alternative methods. Has anyone heard of Hippocrates in Florida (Google it) worth watching videos. We will try anything and will not give up the fight. I am her Caregiver and i believe that God has a plan for her and it is not to be a statistic from LMS. These 2 Chemo drugs are the only 2 she has experienced and reading other post is really the only 2 used for Sarcoma. Done real well with the Medicine but the tumors is not responding. Any information that anyone can give me would be appreciated. We are a God loving family and are trusting him to perform a miracle in our home. God bless you all and stay strong.

I love my Angel

Kendall from Mississippi


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    lms web site

    this is a web site for LMS people only - sign up & see if it helps you

    there is other stronger chemo than gem/tax for lms
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    other chemo
    other chemo for lms

    this is from the lms web site

    30-48% doxorubicin + ifosfamide (aka AIM or adrimycin + ifoside)
    36-40% gemcitabine + docetaxal (aka gem/tax)
    25% doxorubicin alone (aka adrimycin)
    23% mitomycin, doxorubicin + cisplatin
    20% gemcitabine alone
    18% temozolomide (aka temodar. IV form is called DTIC)
    17% ifosfamide alone
    16% liposomal doxorubicin (aka doxil)
    14% trabectedin (aka yondelis or ET-743)