A big thanks to all of you on here-It's been awhile but I always think of all of you!

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I found this discussion board a little over a year ago when my 68 year young Mom was diagnosed. She has since undergone chemo, radiation, and surgery. I am thankful that a year later she is still with us. Even though she weighs 105 lbs. and is tired often, she never complains or asks for help. The surgery resulted in partial removal of the esophagus and stomach. I was wondering if anyone out there had any suggestions as far as weight gain. At this point, most food for my Mom is a definite turn off. She can only eat small meals and even certain food smells make her nauseous. She cannot take protein shakes because they contain egg whites. She is allergic to eggs. At this point she only likes to eat popcorn.
Again thanks to all of you just knowing this board exists is helpful to those in a very scary, trying time.


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    Hello, After my surgery in
    Hello, After my surgery in may 2008, I was very weak for months. I did get my appetite back after a couple of months. I started eating very well, just smaller amounts. I lost weight after surgery ( 98 pds). I did have the dumping syndrome, but except for that, my doctors couldn't understand the weight lost. I have gained 8 pds back (yaaa). Because I am healthy ,they are thinking my metabolism changed.

    I don't have any answers for weight gain,because I tried all kind of foods and beverages and still lost. I don't know how others are, but I never feel hunger. I can think of food and my mouth waters. It's my way of knowing I need to eat. My husband laughs at how often I'm eating.

    When I couldn't seem to regain strength, I started exercising slowly at the gym and it helped me a lot. I am now 67. I still tire easily, but except for aching bones, I'm feeling good!