Dad has questions about diet

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Good morning,

Dad asked me to ask those that know from experience....

I've been telling him to eat less more often, and all of William's suggestions, but he wants to know....

How long will it be before he can eat normal food? Particularly steak. Also, how long does he need the Jtube?

He's getting his stitches out this morning, so I told him to ask the doctor, but knowing dad, he'll start talking about fishing, hunting or something else and totally forget the important questions.

Also, I want to thank everyone for their advice about getting a second opinion and follow-up chemo. I have convinced dad that we should do just that. However, he wanted to hear from someone that had pre-op chemoradiation/MIE/post-op Chemo to see how they have faired.



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    Diet and other thoughts

    I am 2 years 4 months out from MIE surgery. I had pre op chemo but didn't require post op follow up.

    I just finished a steak dinner. Now 4 oz. instead of 12 - 16 oz. BUT steak never the less.

    Everyone responds differently. I used my feeding tube for 2 weeks to supplement regular food. I then went totally food and no tube. As long as I could keep my weight stabilized I was able to continue with whole food and no tube feedings. Others have taken longer to acclimate themselves to food - others less.

    Even now it still is an ongoing experiment. Things that are OK today might not be so tomorrow. If I keep my meals to 1 - 1 1/2 cups of food I am OK. If I eat more I can feel awful for up to 2 hours. It is a daily balancing act BUT well worth it.

    Good luck to your Dad and you. Perhaps you should go to the Drs. with him as a second set of ears is always good. My wife still goes with me to keep me honest.

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    I had my first steak about 6 months post surgery

    I had Ivor Lewis surgery. I had my first steak about 6 months after my surgery. A much smaller portion than prior to surgery of course and I was careful to insure I chewed thoroughly prior to swallowing. But it went down just fine.

    I am now 1 year post surgery and I eat steak on a regular basis. I can eat almost anything I want now except things that are high in sugar content. I still eat smaller amounts and I eat about six times a day.

    Best Regards,

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    unknown said:

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    Thanks as always
    The advice is priceless. He doesn't have a guide as far as I've seen in his paperwork. I will have to do some more investigating. Thanks for the link.

    Have a great day