"mixed results" from chemo

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My partner has sclc with neuroendocrine involvement. He has had two out of four rounds of carboplatin and etopocide and jsut had a CT scan of chest/abdomen/pelvis. The NP said the chest is "stable"--I guess that means the nodule that is there isn't bigger, but isn't smaller? She also said there are more mets in his adrenal gland. We have to see the onc tomorrow morning--I guess he will tell us if F. should stay the course of tx or change it up.

I am interpreting "mixed results" to be more bad than good. I am trying not to panic. Are there any questions I should be prepared to ask the onc tomorrow?

Thank you for your advice, and just for listening. I am at work, and can't talk to anyone right now, much less cry, but it helps just to write this.


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    I have heard where you can have the adrenal gland removed. But since there is more than one place where there are mets, they might need to treat everything with chemo. My understanding is if you have cancer in 1 place it can be surgically removed, but if it is in more than 1 place it has to be treated with chemo. I think thats good that the chest is stable, like you said its not bigger. I hope you get the answers and a clear understanding from the drs appointment tomorrow, of what the next treatment option is, since theres more mets in the adrenal gland. Lori