Surgery: Dec. 15

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My rendezvous with davinci is finally here. I'm prepping today and tomorrow is the date. Thanks to everyone who either directly or indirectly supported me on this site. Everyone's posts and comments have become part of my arsenal in my war against pc. I'll keep you posted as to my progress. I'm anxious to see the pathology results.


  • Kongo
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    Best Wishes
    Best wishes for a surgery without complications and an early return to normal.
  • hopeful and optimistic
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    Wishing you the best
    ...non complicated surgery , and great outcome.
  • mrspjd
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    Sending sincere wishes for a successful outcome and a speedy full recovery. Not trying to speak/write for others, but I think it's safe to say/write that you've got the support of a diverse group of forum members, men and women alike, all rooting for you!
  • Robert1941
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    Hope it went well
    Will hope your operation went OK with good news. Let us know how your doing.
  • stepjnsj
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    God Is Good all the time and All the time God is Good just remember that and he will bring you through. Merry Christmas