Just wondering how things are going??????????????

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Many of us in our little EC family maintain a prayer list for our daily devotions. Sometimes we have people on our list that we do not hear from for a long time. Although I know God knows the status of all of our friends, I like to pray for the right things as I go down my list.

There are some people on my list that we have not heard from in a while, I am just wondering:

How things are going with Jim and Ellie and the treatment for spinal tumors?

How are things moving forward with Betty and Layne and the treatment for liver tumors?

Has Matt’s chemotherapy been successful and how is “Matt’s mom” doing?

Is Ian doing well after chemotherapy and how is “Ian’s mom” doing?

As I said above; I am sure God knows what I should be praying for, but I like to be as correct as I can when I ask for blessings for our family.

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    Thank you for your prayers
    This little band of survivors is of such support to me and my husband. Knowing others are offering your own husband's name and family up for prayers is quite comforting. I try to pray nightly for all of the people dealing with this condition as well as for other cancer boards. There is so much heartache for cancer sufferers and their families. A young mother of two children is dying of a rare form of cancer. She is so weak, her husband is now working from home to assist her. A former co-worker is failing fast to an unusual cancerlike blood disorder. Young man, nice family, facing much sadness. I often think of your kind words of support for my husband and of the kind words of so many others on this site. We are all members of One Family and kindness endures. Bill is doing much better. The bumps in the road are getting a little smaller and not as frequent. May your Christmas be Merry and Your New Year Blessed. Mary