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Hi Erin,

You are in the right place...but I did have to look up cecum as it hadn't crossed my medical vocab before.

I was going to reply to your post in Roger's thread on Disney, but was afraid it would get lost there.

Lots of folks here with humor, sensitivity and knowledge...and willing to share with everyone.




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    Hi ForBenandSophia
    Erin, welcome to the board. I know about his cecum because my colon cancer was also found in my ileum, which is right next door. Actually, my orginal tumor began in the rectosigmoid colon and grow out and then into my ileum. I am so glad to hear that he is able to get HIPEC. I will send out some good vibes to him and wish all the best from the procedure. Again, welcome!

    I see you are interested in HIPEC info. Here is a really great thread with lots of info on it and I even posted a site that shows the actual procedure being done. Just copy and paste this into your web browser:

    PS: humor is what gets me by when things get a little too heavy. You might find some amusing tales in my blog if you're up for a laugh or 2. Just click on my name and then go to the blog section. We have lots of interesting funny people here in this forum so if you're into humor you'll get some of that sprinkled in with the love and experience.