18 months

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PSA is still at non-detect 18 months after Davinci!

Wish the anxiety related to waiting for the test results would go away.

QOL issues "are" going away. No incontinenece. EDs been slowly improving since one year, with the pills working real well and 5 out of 10 naturally.

For the guys just starting this journey, hang in there, the healing can take time, but it does seem to come.

Lifes good,


  • ProfWagstaff
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    Great news, Beau.
    Great news, Beau. Congratulations! You're about 2 months ahead of me. My 18 month check is in December. I know all too well what you mean about the anxiety. I can't shake it either. Take comfort that you put another 6 months behind you. The farther in the rear-view mirror you can put this thing, the better. If your doctor is like mine, if you get one more clean test at the 2 year mark you can graduate to annual testing. Hope all continues to go well.
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    Congrats Beau
    Congratulations Beau on your 18 month PSA. You are a member in good standing of the Zero club. May you continue to stay in the Zero club. Yes, Life is Good! :)
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    Just had my blood drawn Friday for the first time since surgery on 9/14. Anxious here too...