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After a little cajolling, I have convinced the CSN that there is a need for a discussion for military cancer survivors. The purpose of this discussion is to give military folks a safe place to go and ask questions about treatment, administrative issues, performance evaluations, etc. that are unique to military cancer survivors. If you or someone you care about are military cancer survivors, stop on over and say "Attention!". I have recruited Kat - a military attorney with 11 years of trial experience and Mike, an oncology nurse (NOT a doctor) to help out with technical stuff. As you may have gathered, I am an old dinosaur myself (23 years E-1 to O-4) with lots of experience at "working the system". We're here to listen, advise, let you vent or kick you in the butt of necessary.

Hoping to hear from you soon - active duty or retirees.

- LCDR SpongeBob


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    I am currently on active duty and was diagnosed/cured of cancer last year. I see this thread has been here for a long time without any discussion but I just found it myself. I have had an extremely hard time finding some counseling for the active duty survivor. I did visit the local military hospital as I just transferred into the area to see about some support. The lady that ran the counseling and support about passed out when she realized I was the survivor in my uniform and not my wife who was with me at the time. Is there anything out there for the active duty?