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Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to pass on a great example of God's grace and support given me.

Yesterday my wife and I finally compiled and executed our will, power of attorney, and health care proxy. As some of you may know I was dx with Stage IVb three months ago and continue to be amaazed at the tremendous level of support that I've received.

My brother-in-law is an attorney and spent around four hours helping us prepare these documents. At the conclusion of signing everything I asked him for a bill. He told us that there was no charge. I can't tell you how grateful we were with this act of kindness. I do believe that God acts through others to remind us of the tremendous effect of heartfelt support of others.

I thought I'd share this to remind us that He is always present in our lives, especially when we least expect it. It's good to know that we are now prepared for legalities that may surface later on.

Thanks for listening.



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    loving father
    Hi Paul,

    I agree he is a wonderful loving father who loving looks after our needs.

    I can not count the times in my life he has show love and mercy for me.

    God truly bless

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    Paul, Couldn't Agree with You More!
    Even in our times of trial and doubt, God shows up! He is always with us, always ready to help us and puts others in our path to remind us that he is caring for us even when we have a hard time seeing it!!

    Blessings to you and your family.

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    thanks for sharing story..........
    Paul, What a great reminder of the "angels among us"! I, too have experienced those angels, my dx in Feb. 2010, surgery in March followed by chemo. I was not able to plant my crops this spring so friends and neighbors took over and got it done. I was so grateful and it was such a relief.


    PS I had a good crop!
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    Hi Paul, I know it is a
    Hi Paul, I know it is a comfort to take care of the legal things and thanks to the brother-in-law for doing this for you. I have found out that Gods grace comes so often thru the loving kindness of others. It is such a comfort to know others do care and want to be a help.
    Prayers for you and family, Sandra