swollen cheeks & lower lip

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Hi everyone,so mike was doing really good, & then started having headaches & a pain in the side of his neck he said felt like a spasm..all of a sudden he's got swollen cheeks & his lower lip is huge! the dr put him on steroids for the swelling and a couple of days ago, a small hole opened up where his neck was hurting & began to drain some gunky stuff. dr says it was infected all of this time & put him on antibiotics. it's still draining fluid and now the lip is swollen again. we go see his ent this wednesday for lab work to find out what's going on. i just needed someone to talk to & vent a little so i'm sorry for going on about this ..it's so frustrating seeing him get better then have these set backs.

love & appreciate you all,


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    My husband is also recovering from surgery (neck dissection and throat surgery), and it seems like two steps forward, then one step back. His latest thing is dehydration.

    Hang in there, and I hope the appt with ENT goes well and you get some answers.