Dad starting chemo-advice on taxotere?

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My dad is 65 and has prostate cancer that has spread to his bones. Lupron and radiation didn't help. He is now going to start taxotere. I know everyone responds differently to treatment, but I would like to get some feedback about how effective this is and what to expect.
Would love to hear something positive maybe about someone who has had some success with this treatment.
Everything so far has not worked and has been so negative. My dad has lost hope and even though he is starting the chemo, seems resigned to it not working. Dr said there is a 50% chance that it will help. I want him to have some hope because I think this is very important in fighting a disease. I am so terrified. Anyone?


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    Hope you can give
    You can find someone who will tell you that taxotere helped them fight the battle andget comfort from that. The best way though to give hope is to stay positive and help to keep the stress out of dad's life. I have many tumors on spine and in bones and have chosen hospice care for the past 5 months. I still exercise, work and play golf every day and am keeping the pain under control with all the morphine I want. I expect to live another year or so and have never felt terrified or even stressed about it. Encourage your dad to remain active and show him your support without fear. All the best to you both.