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I am looking for resources concerning finding alternatives to chemo.

I keep hearing (doctors, nurses, etc.) that I need to do chemo again. I did chemo in the past with a terrifying result and I don't want to do it again.

Any help on this topic (resources) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Waving said:
    Doing chemo...
    I have decided to face my fear and if the third oncologist recommends it I will do chemo...

    There is a good facility near me that does nothing but house and care for cancer patients and it looks like my best way of getting the care I know I will need.
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    I don't know what kind of cancer you have, but take a look at the web site-THE Incurables on Veria. It's also on TV. But I know not everyone gets the same stations. Anyway, the incurables is true life stories about people who were told they were incurable after traditional chemo and such didn't work. These people sought out alternative Drs. And they all survived. You need to read their stories. It tells what they did, and the Drs. they used. Two of the TV stories showed two different cancer patients going to a DR. Forsythe in Nevada. He made the difference in the outcome of these two particular persons making it. Thre are many survivor stories. The web site again is called the incurables on veria. i hope you find it
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    Alternatives Do Work!
    Hi, I'm a two time cancer survivor of 9 years. Breast cancer HER-NEU positive 3, very aggressive they gave me 1 year to live. I chose IPT therapy and lots of juicing and exercise.
    At the same time PET scan revealed 2 tumors on my liver one vascular. I was one of the first patients in Pensacola, FL. to go into treatment for cancer using Far-Infra red sauna therapy. It was intense, 2 to 3 hours a day. Again more juicing, exercise.
    My last PET scan revealed no tumors at all, but the remarkable thing was she told me at age 55 that inside I had the body of a 25 year old. So, I know Alternative works!
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    Alternative to Chemo
    Hi GreatGF,

    I hope and pray that you are having a GREAT day! Since I lost a friend to breast cancer, I have been studying nutraceuticals for the past year. Chemotherapy totally destroyed her-- body, mind, soul, and spirit. In doing reasearch, I have found that doctors don't practice due diligence when it comes to natural or homeopathic treatments; they simply don't have a clue and refuse to hear the findings on them.

    I recently attended a wellness seminar in Michigan regarding nutraceuticals and I received a wealth of information. The presenter discussed Isotonic supplements, which are powder-to-liquid supplements that enter the body at the cellular at the same fluid pressure as the blood, sweat, and tears in the body. She also mentioned how seriously deficient most of us are in Vitamin D (which regulates the entire endocrine system/functions). All of our major organs survive off of this pro-hormone. I didn't truly understand its function until then.

    I found a good article on Resveratrol. I think it would provide you with some good information (even though it's about pancreatic cancer). Go to http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/blaylock/issues/Oct08Blaylock/blaylock_Oct08Blaylock_52.pdf.

    If you can't get to it from here, go to www.newsmax.com and type in "Red Wine Antioxidant Kills Pancreatic Cells."

    You can also go to www.marketamerica.com/newgenerationwellness and see the research on OPC-3, VitaminD3 with K2, Complete Greens, Resveratrol, and many other supplements. What I like about this site is that you can see all of the research, benefits, faq's, and ingredients. You can take the free nutri-physical and even have your plan customized for you (based on how you answer the questions). If you really want to get more specific with a treatment plan, you can call my contact in Florida and tell her Rochelle referred you:

    Charlotte Israel

    I hope this helps. Be abundantly blessed!
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    5 years since the original posting, hope this alternative helps
    Better late than never, and I hope my personal story is of some use.

    In February 2010 my urologist informed me that I had an aggressive form of bladder cancer. This news turned my life around. After an initial TUR operation, I decided that my best option was to adopt a completely different daily diet and exercise in accordance with the diet guidelines of a Dutch doctor Cornelis Moerman (1893-1988). The AVL cancer clinic in Amsterdam has respected my choice and demonstrated their willingness to perform a cystoscopy with accompanying tests every 3 months. In my first year living with cancer I have witnessed a complete reversal of my cancer. I am currently (March 4, 2011) cancer free (I prefer to think that my cancer is dormant). It was only last week that I stumbled on the work of Dr. Colin Campbell for the first time and recognised the similarities between the do's and don'ts of the predominantly whole food, plant-based diet and the diet guidelines that Dr. Cornelis Moerman drew up almost 100 years ago. I have one wish (actually I have many) to share here: "Wouldn't it be nice if the medical protocols for cancer treatment were expanded to include nutrition and exercise guidelines for the periods prior to, during and after treatment?"

    For more information about the diet guidelines I am following you can visit my personal blog (click here). I wish you all the best, Iñaki.