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I have only posted a few times. I am stage 3, tonsil cancer with lymp nodes. I have partial neck dissection & Tonsillectomy, 3 teeth pulled and now in radiation. Today I completed Treatment# 23/33. Have 10 left. Things went pretty well until last week. Mouth is a wreck, thrush and more mouth sores, can still sallow some, but everything taste nasty. Neck is burnt and sore. My questions is back pain. I am having severe back pain around my left shoulder blade. I am sleeping on a heating pad and that seeems to help. Any one else experienced this and have any suggestions.


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    severe pain

    I'm thinking any severe pain needs to be checked out by your doctor - have your called them with this problem?
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    I agree with Noellesmom. If you feel like it is severe pain call your doctor.
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    you should definitely call your doctor
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    Wow - it's Unanimous
    Call that doc! I will say that at some points during treatment, I got sore - I think because I was sleeping in an odd position for me, and had "rigged" myself in the bed to try to avoid issues with my PICC and chemo pump. I was just achy, though - no severe pain. I'm feeling for you - you've got enough to deal with with the fifth week of treatment issues - back pain on top of it all is a lot. I know your doc isn't a big pill pusher, but if you're in pain, you won't sleep well, and if you don't sleep well, you'll have a harder time and get more stressed, and if you're more stressed, you'll have tightened muscles, and if your muscles stay tightened, you'll be in pain. Argh!! Hope this gets sorted soon, Deb.
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    Hi Deb
    I agree you need to let your doctor know about the back pain

    Take care, praying for you
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    So sorry
    So sorry to hear that the side effects of treatment are hitting you so hard now but I definitely agree with the your doctor and tell them about the pain. It could be something simple that they can correct easily. With everything else you are going through right now you don't need to have extra pain that may easily be fixed.

    Stay Strong,
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    Have it checked out...more than likely only related by way of some kind of tension....(not sure why you'd have that going on)..

    It could relate to several things, some way that you are laying on the table, tension, a nerve or muscle, all speculations, but more than likely can be corrected...

    But it's best to have the pros check it out.