Stage 4 has spread to most of liver, alternative options NOT kemo??

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Hi my dad 53, was diagnosed w stomach cancer stage 4 a few wks ago. It's spread to most his liver so surgery isn't an option. We are scheduled to start kemo in few days, but all of us dreading it as it's admittance that we will be accepting his inevitable maximum life span of a few years. We are even considering going to Korea for a treatment where they inject treatments into his liver at hopes of shrinking the tumor? At this point my dad rather go for a slight wildcard that has a 1% chance than start keno that has 0% chance of being cured. What a cruel decision to have to make between two terrible options. I hate cancer.

My dad has always been my rock and the best grandfather my 3 yr old has been lucky enough to have. This is killingbme as most family menders are convinced that I need to get on meds bc of my depression over my poor dad ....

Can anyone recommend any other alternatives to explore? We know all about the proven kemo treatments to extend life, diets .. I'm looking more for optional clinical trials or great doctors or cancer centers? We have access to Hopkins since we live near Baltimore, thank God, but pls is there anything else out there other than apricot seeds and orgo diets???

Thank you for reading ...


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    Hi Sung,

    Just today a friend at work told me that her younger brother has stomach cancer and has refused to go through chemotherapy probably for the same reasons that you and your Dad don't want him to go that route for treatment.
    I suggested that she and he look to eastern medicine which might involve; accupressure, accupuncture, certain foods, meditation and other ideas.
    If I had cancer, I would look for someone trained in eastern medicine that was trained in China.
    I have heard that the Vietnames have some ideas for for treatment that might be less invasive and more likely to produce a cure, as well as China.

    I do know that exercise and eating alot of vegetables, small doses of apple cider vindgar, garlic, help reduce the effects of stress and that is very important in assisting your own system to help in recovery.

    I have read that some some who have had cancer have used music and watching movies that are uplifting and even funny with positive results, including complete remission.

    Some scientists here may be on the verge of a treatment,and doing some clinical trials.

    As I check into this more I will write again.
    Best regards to you and your family,

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    treatment options
    hi -- my sister-in-law was just diagnosed. you mentioned possibly going to Korea for treatment. we are looking for information on whether it is better to get stomach cancer treatment in Korea or in the U.S. if you could share what you've learned, i will also share with you what we learn. thank you so much.
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    Alternatives in China
    Sorry to hear about your dad. You should take a look at BRM Therapeutics in China. This is a gene therapy treatment that is SFDA approved in China. The advantage of this therapy is that it does not involve hospital stay, no adverse side effects, and oral ingestion. I'll send you a PM as well if you need to find out more.

    My thoughts and prayers to your family.