Trip part 2

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Hi All,
Well we are getting ready to leave Tampa tomorrow afternoon. Heading down to Key West for the weekend. We leave KW on Monday night to head home to Calif. Spending my birthday there, but really wish I could be home with my family. Oh well...
The visit in Tampa went well, except for the bad news part. It was so worthwhile being with my mom in law. It will be very hard to leave tomorrow. The good news, sort of, is that she is going to try the trial. Its a vaccine and a drug combo. They make the vaccine from her cells. we will be praying that it works, even for a little while...Sigh
I am really dragging. Tired to the bone. My pain has increased which does not help at all.
Eating has become a bit of a challenge, restaurant food does not seem to be working out for me. Also not helping with my energy. Oh well, I'll just keep trying to do my best..
I hope all of you are doing okay. Vinny, I expect to hear that your fevers are GONE...
I'll keep praying and sending you positve healing energy..
Stay well everyone. I'll check in from the Keys...
Peaceful healing...


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    Key West
    Hi lisha,
    So what day is your birthday..Fri-Sat-Sun or Monday? I'm glad to hear your mother-in-law is going to do the trial. I know how you feel about leaving her, I felt the same way yesterday when I left my Aunts house. I talked to her today and so far she hasn't had any bad re-action from the Faslodex shot other than her hip is a little sore where the nurse injected it. I hope when you get to Key West you will be able to rest up before your long flight home and gain back a little bit of energy. Do you have something you take for your pain? Happy Birthday ahead of time! Thinking good thoughts and prayers for you.