Ready to go

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Hi All,
I am ready to go. My luggage is packed. My nerves are kicking in.
I will be thinking of all of you and try to stop in now and again.
Long flight tomorrow.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone...
Peaceful healing always,


  • allmost60
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    Safe trip
    Hi Lisha,
    Glad to hear your all ready to go.(a true Libra) Can you use your laptop on the plane? I can never sleep on a plane or read, so I'm usually pretty bored if I don't have a window seat..(not that you can see much)..ha! My husband falls asleep the minute the the plane levels out, so he's no company either. Hopefully you will do better than I do. I hope you can try to enjoy this trip and leave some stress behind...floating in a pool sounds like a good idea. You take care and drop in and let us know how it's going. I have alot of people coming today, so I should be in bed, but I have everything ready to go and even if I went to bed I wouldn't sleep. Alot like you that way..the resident night owls...ha! Love....Sue
  • merrywinner
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    Safe Trip
    Good luck Lisha. I hope all goes well. Everything will be fine and it sounds like you have prepared well. I know the reasons for the trip are not the most happy but try to find some moments to enjoy yourself. Also hope you're able to check in a time or two. Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way. Mary
    PS: I have a daughter named Alisha and we call her Lisha or Leash.