Complications after surgery on stomach removal

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Has this happened to anyone on the site. We got thrown for a loop on my brother's recovery. He had an open incinsion on Aug 24th discharged on Aug 31st (I think it was to soon). Sent to a rehab for the care of the wound with wound vac. Sept 9 the incinsion dehescience (open up) and the transverse colon( intestines) were suck out because of the wound vac. Rush back to the hospital stayed there for almost 2 weeks.

Now my brother is in Calvary Hospital. It is mainly a hospital for the teminally ill but they also have a very good wound care unit. My brother now has a huge open wound where feces pumps out rather than through the bowels. They have a huge colosmy bag over the entire wound to capture the feces. He will need another surgery when the wound heals to repair the colon and take care of a hernia that has now form on both sides of the wound.

This is a nightmare. I don't want to put the blame on anyone but did the surgeon mess up or can this happen with someone who is very heavy after surgery.

I am exhausted. Any advice or someone who has been through this.



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    Hello Ellen
    I remember you and your brother's story! Thanks for the update. I am sorry you are all having such trouble. I have never heard of anyone else going through this. Is there any way you can have him get another opinion on his current care? It almost sounds like the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing at the Calvary Hospital. I am hoping others reply to you who can help you more. I will be thinking of you both and praying that things start to go better for you soon!
    Tina in VA