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For those of you living in or near the Twin Cities, there is a Lyphoma Workshop here on October 16. My husband and I attended last year and it was fantastic. They have breakout sessions for the different kinds of lymphoma. Last year there were two doctors from Mayo, one from the U of M, one from U of W. Those are the ones I remember anyway. They served a wonderful breakfast at 7:30 and fab lunch - No Costs for registration or the meals. Register at Lymphoma Research of Minnesota, click on events and you'll find the various workshops throughout the country.

We plan to attend if my blood work is okay by then. It plunged about a month ago and has started to rebound now. Hopefully, it will go straight up like Mary's.

Blessings and prayers to all of you.



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    I have heard from the onc. nurses that once the blood starts to rebound it goes up pretty fast. I am sure yours will too. Wish I was closer to the twin cities and I could go to the conference too. Never been to one yet. John
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    Hi Britta
    So good to hear from you and know you are doing OK. Thanks for the heads up on the workshop. I will definitely check it out. Also I believe, as John said, that once that blood work starts to recover it is fairly quick and doesn't go backwards. Blessings to you. Mary