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Jim had his second chemo-embolization last Tuesday. Had no side effects for the first 24 hours, then they kicked in! He's been nauseous and feels like he has a BAD case of the flu. We had a prescription for Phenergan, but that makes him loopy, so he's only taking 1/2 a tablet at night and last night we cut that in half. Still on pain meds for his bad back, but is able to eat today. Keeping him hydrated is a constant battle, but the Oncologist is happy to give him IV fluids whenever necessary.
Blood counts down also, so he had some IV iron on Thursday.
This should take care of all three of the liver tumors, with another procedure to clean up the largest tumor which was treated last time. It showed a little uptake in the PET scan, so he'll treat that again in about a month. We are certainly pleased to know this treatment is available for those who aren't candidates for Spheres.
Thanks to all on this board for their prayers and good wishes. We are coming along and feeling more and more optimistic.


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    Thanks for helping everyone
    Thanks for helping everyone be informed. The more we know; the more we can help our loved ones. So glad you and all the other board members are there for us. Keep up the good work. Mary