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Went to GI, he read the endoscopy and said that it is a gastritis. Prescribed Dexalon one a day and I have been feeling better. Had my three month check-up with Gyn and results negative. So I can breathe again. Thank you all for being supportive and concerned. I pray that we all continue to be healthy. Big hugs to every one and be well. June


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    So glad to hear this
    June-So glad to hear you are feeling better. Glad you were able to get to doc and get some relief. And glad to hear you are negative! Congrats! Thanks for posting f/u as you've been on my mind. best, ll
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    Hi June,
    Well, I am glad to

    Hi June,

    Well, I am glad to hear it was nothing worse than gastritis! I finished my 10-day prescription for my stomach/guts, and am still fearful that the pains will start up again. I am trying to bolster my system by taking pro-biotics.

    We have to keep the engines running, right?
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    Stomach Pains
    I too have been suffering with stomach pains. They come and then they go...this week they have been staying....Not sure if it is my Gall Bladder or not. I have to break down and call the doc I fear....

    Hope you all are on the mend!

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    I am so glad you are


    I am so glad you are feeling better. It must be such a relief.

    Hugs to you!

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    So glad
    Very glad that this was nothing serious.
    Take care of yourself.
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    madhura said:

    So glad
    Very glad that this was nothing serious.
    Take care of yourself.

    Happy for you
    Nempark I am so glad for you that it was just gastritis. What a relief.
    I think we all go thru' so many different pains and sensations post surgery, and during and post treatments, it can be really scarey. We don't know what to panic about or what to accept as normal.

    Very happy this was ok for you.

    Best wishes for a happy and peaceful week-end!