Cant find my way here

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Hi everyone,I have a shortcut on my computer to the discussion board that I put on a long time ago and that is the only way I can find my way here. If I go to the American cancer societys home page,I cannot find anything that mentions the discussion board or chat room. Im fortunate of having the shortcut but how do new members find their way here? Am I missing something? I know many new diagnosed people are looking for a chat room or message board but I dont know how they are suppose to find it on the main page. I dont see any mention of either on there.How did you all find your way here? Thanks


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    "and I can't find my way home"
    If you google 'cancer survivors' the second entry (at least when I did it) directs you to, the link to the csn homepage, from which you can access the discussion boards, the chatroom, member pages, and so on.

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    Welcome back, beatlemike!