Okay I have a couple questions

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I am, along with my family putting together a walk for EC on behalf of my father. It will be held in April. Not only is April EC awareness month but its also will be my dad's 1yr anniv. since passing.

Now my questions

Has any of you put together a walk?

Bracelets. I wanna sell bracelets and I rember a post here on them but cant seem to find it?

Any advice welcomed.



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    I don't know of the post on
    I don't know of the post on bracelets you reference, but the Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association has bracelets and car magnets. You can go to their website for information.
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    EC Awareness info/support
    You are inspiring to all of us! I want to do something, but haven't gotten anything together yet. I am impressed that you are planing early! I was going to tell you about choosehope for the bracelets, but see others have already done that. As far as support for trying to organize a EC Walk, can I suggest contacting Mindy Moredecai at ECAN.org? If you got to their web site and click on "How to Help" and then "Host an Event"...it says the following:

    "ECAN is always looking for ways to spread the message of early detection. If you would like to host an event in your community, let us know and we may be able to support your efforts with materials, publicity and media assistance, use of our internet tools and general guidance. Let us know what you have in mind."

    They also have some bracelets on their website too. Maybe they can at least offer you some guidance?

    My aunt had a "Gold Party" (selling used gold jewelery) and a silent auction. She donated the monies to ECAN and to a team that walked in a cancer benefit. Her bother just passed away in May of EC and her oldest brother---MY dad is post chemo-rad & surgery for EC. I will be anxious to hear how you are doing as EC is now part of our families life as well. God Bless you in your efforts!
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    I also have been told (& now see) that ECAN.org has periwinkle bracelets and keychains for sale. ChooseHope is for profit, while ECAN uses the monies to support the EC cause specifically.