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Hello, this is my 1at time on one of these but looking for some guidance. My mom had epiglotis cancer in 1983. Cured and in the last year her voice has been going. ENT doc did exploratory surgery yesterday and found lesions that are cancerous on her vocal chord. She's stage 2. What concerns Me and where I need help is this...the doc is saying that since her radiation from years ago was so near where this reoccurence is that they may not be able to treat her with radiations and they're telling her that if she wants to just get rid of this she should have her voice box removed. What are your opinions on this? Thank you.


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    Hello LilMare and welcome to you and your mom. I was a caregiver for my dad. He passed away in March 2010 from esophageal cancer with mets to the liver. I have been where you are. When my dad was first dx the dr gave him 6 mos. We did not like this, so we went for a 2nd opinion. Here we were told we can treat this and put you in remission. They were right! He had chemo and radiation went into remission for one year. It was the mets to the liver that caused him to pass away. The fact of the radiation from the previous cancer is true. Once an area has been radiated to the fullest, it can not be radiated again. Since this new spot is near that spot, I would think this statement to be true, however I do not agree with the dx of having to remove her voice box. I would most definitely suggest getting a second opinion. Possibly from a cancer ctr. that specializes in this area. You can also post this on the head and neck discussion board. I pray you and your mom have peace at this time, and you find the answers you need to hear. Keep in touch.