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Hello. Writing to ask your prayers and thoughts for my wife Linda. Today she's having a colonoscopy, which is admittedly long overdue, but now related to making sure there is no intrusion of cancer from a tumor, most likely a product of her 5 -year history of ovarian cancer. The tumor is bumping up against the colon I guess, and the bladder, a 5 cm mass they do not want to remove with surgery. So Wednesday we go find out what chemo treatment they will prescribe.

Last night Linda struggled mightily with the awful taste of that MoviPrep stuff. That liquid seems inhumane if her experience is any indication. She was wretching and crying and generally miserable for 5 hours gagging it down. I felt so bad for her, and so helpless. Nothing to do but get it chilled and keep her other liquids available. You can feel pretty anxious and feeble when there's little you can do to help.

Can't say we did not expect another recurrence someday. But we sure were hoping we'd had it licked somehow. We'll see what this week brings. Could be chemo by Friday.



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    Chris, I agree...that stuff
    Chris, I agree...that stuff is AWFUL. Thankfully my gastro now uses what he calls "Gatorlax", a small bottle of Miralax disolved in 64 ounces of Gatorade. I also had to take two Colace tablets. Much, much better than GoLytely or MoviPrep.

    Here's hoping that everything will be okay and she can proceed with the chemo ASAP.

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    Prayers for both of you
    Watching someone you love struggle through all they have to with this disease is sure mind numbing to say the least.
    I pray for strength for you and a great outcome from the procedure today so that she can
    get the chemo she needs.
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    Hi Chris
    I really hope your wife's procedure goes well. It must be very hard towatch someone you love in such turmoil. I will be thinking about you both. Love Tina
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    So sorry to hear Linda is going through so much. And I truly understand your pain as well. It's never easy to see someone you love go through something you can do nothing about. I remember my poor mother downing that horrid stuff before her colonoscopy. Eventually, it kept coming up - she was so ill from it. So by the time I had to have a colonoscopy I asked if there was another 'option' for the 'cleanse'. Most doctors are now offering pills and/or a combination of pills and magnesium citrate and other similar 'small' liquids. Always seemed to me that they should come up with something better, as most people who are having a colonscopy are sick in the first place.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Linda. May God give you both strength. Please keep in touch.

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    Good Karma
    I hope things go well for your wife. You both will be in my prayers.
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    Prayers for Linda
    Sending some up for you both. I had to have a colonostomy in April. That just goes with OVCA sometime. Saundra
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