My mom has esophageal cancer and has spread to her lungs

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I am a Mexican woman with a very sick mother. She got diagnosed a month ago with esophageal cancer and metstasis to her lungs. She can hardly take liquids and has difficulty with breathing. She coughs a lot and has a lot of nausea. She is in the hospital in Mexicali Baja California. Her right lung is not working. The doctor drained half a gallon of water from it. Please help me I want to know how I can help mom to ease her pain. Thanks very much. My mom is 66 and I am 50. She also began to have problems with her heart.


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    your mom

    I will say a prayer for your mother and for you. I have watched people struggle with breathing in lung cancer and it is a very hard thing to watch.

    Helping your mother with the pain - I'm afraid that is up to the doctor and your mother. As I recall, an increase in pain medication = a decrease in the ability to breathe, so they may be somewhat limited in how much they can give her. I remember changing positions in bed helped my dad. Maybe it could help with your mom, too.

    Gentle hugs to you, Dalilu.
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    I am so sorry to


    I am so sorry to hear your story. It is so difficult to watch a parent suffer like this. I am the daughter of a dad with EC.

    Please tell us a little more about the treatment your mom has received and what her treatment plan is that will help others offer you more helpful advice.

    In the meantime you should discuss the problems your mom is having with her doctor and see if she can have more pain and nausea medication.

    A very important thing is to make sure your mom stays hydrated with fluids --- either IV (since she is in the hospital) or perhaps through a port that may have been inserted for chemo or a feeding tube (J tube is best) You don't say if she is getting chemo or radiation or if they are treating the cancer --- there are things that can be done depending on her condition. But one of the most important things right now is to try and get fluids and nutrition into your mom. If she is going to fight this she must keep up her strength.

    Prayers for your and your mom,