3.2 Solid Mass on kidney was benign Leiomyoma

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I have been told that it is rare but after going through the fright of incidentally finding
out that I had a 3.2 solid mass on my left kidney and having a partial nephrectomy I was told in the recovery room that it was BENIGN ! It was a leiomyoma on my kidney. Unbelievable...! Just wanted to share so that people know that it is a possibility that their solid mass is NOT cancer.


  • RichGtr
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    Congratulations on the benign finding!
    I am having a radical nephrectomy on the left side and August 30. 3.7cm tumor.

    Based on what the doc said, plus what I've read, looks like at least 80 chance of being RCC. Will not know till its out.

    I'm not counting on it, but a benign growth would certainly be great news.

    Wishing you speedy recovery from your surgery!