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Hey everyone!

On January 17, 2011 I will be a 5 year survivor! It took me 4 years after going through OC to realize that I wanted to help bring awareness to this dreadful disease.

I am as of now in the midst of working on a personal website called Hope Heals as well as joined the Pepsi Refresh Project last month. My idea was one of over a 1,000 chosen!

Will all of you please help me bring awareness and vote daily?! & text to Pepsi 73774 and type 100047 ~ If you have unlimited texting it is FREE! (I am well aware I have a typo, haha of all words that is where I have the typo)

Thank you for listening!

Donna =)


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    Website isn't there?
    Hi Donna,

    I went to your website,, and it wasn't there, I only saw lots of advertising links. Did I go to the wrong website?

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    Congratulations on approaching five years as a survivor!
    Also, Good luck with your website and the Pepsi Refresh Project... I will be sure to vote daily and pass the information along to my family and friends!
    I truly believe awareness is key to preventing others from dealing with this dreadful disease... Today I dropped off paperwork to our township mayor requesting permission to tie teal ribbons around trees during the month of September (Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month). This would be done as part of the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation's "Turn the Town Teal" campaign. In addition, I am hoping that our township newspaper will print information regarding the symptoms of this disease. I was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer July 27, 2010. My goal is to bring awareness to both of these cancers, with the hope that others will be spared a late diagnosis.
    Keep us posted with your website and the Pepsi project.
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    Congrats on the up-coming 5
    Congrats on the up-coming 5 years! That's a huge milestone. Would you mind telling us what stage you were at diagnosis, and what treatment you received?

    Promoting awareness is essential, since there is virtually no way at present to screen for early detection. I am participating in our local 5K run/walk (sponsored by NOCC) in September. Today and yesterday I put up flyers in local businesses and my doctor's office.

    Last year the event drew 2500 people. This year, we are hoping for 4000. We are doing a balloon launch, as well. A woman who used to participate with her mom, who lost her battle with OC this past year, is donating all the balloons and ribbons and renting the helium tanks, as well as decorating and working the booth. I know her mom would be proud.

    My doctor is walking/running for the cause, too. I think that's so cool.