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I posted that my husband Greg had T4N1 Mo Larynx Squamous Cell cancer.He had 7 weeks of Chemo and radaition , That was March to May 09. Dec 09 they saw something but to small to define Feb spots on his lungs , May 2010 the did byposy and it was the same cancer as before Metastic , So He started Chemo Carbosplatin. He had his second round then went back for third round at that time they did a scan to check, Said call Monday(Aug 2) they would know more. We though the wait would kill us emontionally. But to day they called
CT results from yesterday July 29 . Of the four tumors on his lungs one is gone and the other three have shrunk 30% to 40%. This only after two treatments and five more to go.
We are thinking good thoughts for now .
Just wanted to update


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    Great news for you guys!
    Hope the good news continues and treatment goes smoothly.
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    Thanks so much , I tell you the help I have found on here has been so great.
    Oh Greg and I had a good day we went out had pizza. We are smiling to. This is such a good chance and we are living the moment!
    Thank you so much for all your kind words.