Metastisized Synovial Sarcoma, pain and depression.

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I was diagnosed in late 2006 six months after I found a lump on my inner thigh. I had surgery in January 2010 to remove a tumor that originated from that original tumor. I underwent chemo and radiation for the first tumor--that was 11 cm when removed. I had no additional treatment for the lung tumor other than removal. The radiation burned my genitals. The chemo has caused me to lose feeling in my hands and feel. The last surgery caused ongoing pain on the right side of my body. Combined treatments and lack of activity due to pain and recuperation have caused me to gain at least 40 pounds. Every medication I'm given seems to have the side effect of weight gain and mood swings. I now take oxycodone but I live in fear of becoming an addict. I would like to hear what other people have done to deal with this as well as dealing with a loss of interest in living. I no longer take joy in anything, and I have trouble looking forward to what I read about in medical journals--such as a short life and death in a hospital. I am a very critical cynical angry person. I will share anything asked of me if it will help me find an answer. Thank you.


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    please keep hope
    Hello. I just read your story. I was diagnosed March 11, 2010 with stage 3B synovial soft tissue sarcoma of the left chest wall. I underwent grueling daily chemo and radiation treatments. 4 weeks ago I had surgery to remove the tumor. The surgeons were able to remove the tumor, but along with it, I had to have my entire chest muscle, 3 ribs and 1/4 inch of my lung removed. It has been a painful, frightening experience. I also have been on lots of oxycodone with fear of becoming addicted. The surgery has left me with severe nerve damage to my right arm and limited use of it. Since I am right handed, this proves to be difficult. I am on anti-depressants which have helped. A good friend gave me a meditation cd by Dr. Bernie Siegel. It is geared toward helping people with cancer develop and mind-body-spirit connection. I have listened to it daily, and I enjoy it immensely. I can not tell you whether it has helped me get though this physically, but since I have done so well, I will believe the meditation had something to do with it. At any rate, it has helped my mental frame of mind. That is worth a lot in a situation like this. Please don't give up. Keep the faith. You will get better. It is slow and frustrating, but it will happen. If you are not happy with your doctors, find other doctors. Just please don't give up.