NED ladies: take advantage of remission to see your DENTIST

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We are celebrating so many new NED announcements, which is wonderful! I just wanted to suggest that all of you ladies who were just given at least 3 lovely months of no treatments: call your dentists for appointments. Many of us have to cancel routine 6-month teeth cleanings when we go into chemo. It's a good idea to immediately, upon getting the good news of NED, to get appointments for any of the 'routine' wellness checks and health maintenance that you may have had to put off. If you would have had a colonoscopy this year had you not gotten cancer, DO that. If you haven't had a mammogram in the past 12 months, DO that. During each of my remissions, as short as they were, I was able to get my teeth cleaned and checked. In fact, each remission I went ahead and treated myself to a cosmetic teeth WHITENING. (Nothing like a dazzling smile to make bald beautiful! HA!)

I hope that your remissions stretch on and on. But, just in case, get any routine or needed dental work done. I also booked a great VACATION as soon as I got my NED news each time, and hope that all of you treat yourselves to something especially fun to celebrate.

I leave tomorrow for the 1st vacation I've attempted while I am simultaneously getting chemo, a week at the beach with my extended family. I feel pretty good, and it's nice to know that you can always take a week off of treatment to get away if you want to. But PLEASE take advantage of your remissions, when you are again feeling your best, to LIVE LARGE! Live full out as if these 3 months may be all you have, ...then when your next tests show you NED again, live THOSE 3 months full-steam-ahead,... and then the NEXT 3 months of "NED-ness", do it again! Everyone should live this way! I'll post again when I get back from the beach, 7/10! (That's another good thing to remember: life can still be wonderful even if you are in treatment!)


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    Enjoy the beach, Linda
    Have a wonderful time at the beach. It sounds so fun and relaxing! Am so happy that you are feeling well enough to go! Take a big hat and lots of sun screen....AND ENJOY every minute!

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    Take time to enjoy your life and we don't need any reason...simply savor each moment.

    The dentist? Yep I agree as a good friend is dental hygentist and wow does she hound me to keep my teeth cleaned and in order. You know we have so many germs in our mouths and if not kept up, those germs enter the body.

    Where are you going Ms. Linda? We were scheduled for Destin but just learned last nite the oil is now hitting that part of Gulf hoo! So looking at the Atlantic side? Any ideas on good spots on that part of the ocean?

    Enjoy your relaxing vacation and we'll look forward to hearing about the trip in a few weeks.
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    Great advice
    Had my teeth cleaned and a filling redone last week locally. Felt great.

    Also have a colonoscopy (my first one ever) in August before my 3 month appointment. I sure know how to have fun!!! hahaha! MD Anderson schedules everything there so I don't have to worry about getting all this info to my health care team. Love that place!!!

    Have a great beach vacation, Linda!!! Make some sand castles...that is what I love to do at the beach. And fly kites...that is fun too!!!
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    I'm in NED and realized that I need to get the eyes and teeth checked. I had the vision test and I actually have better eyesight than last year. It must be all the veggies and fruit that I eat. Since being in NED, I went to Vegas and at the end of this week going to see family in CT and NJ. Then when I return, it's to the dentist I go for a cleaning.

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    teeth whitening


    what does your dentist use to whiten your teeth? i'd like to do it, but am concerned about bleach and wondered if there's some non toxic teeth whitener. maybe someone knows of something to use??
    thanx, sisterhood,