What stage are you and when were you dx?



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    StageIV,dx 06-2003, met to liver and lungs, ned since 08-2007

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    From one Dorothy to another
    Hi Dorothy,
    I was diagnosed in April 2009 at age 49 with T2/T3, N0, M0 adenocarcinoma of the rectum approx. the same size as yours but closer to the anal verge (about 2 cm). Neo-adjuvant chemo (oxaliplatin and xeloda) and radiation, followed by LAR with temporary ileostomy. 12 lymph nodes taken and all were clear. Ileostomy reversed but recto-vaginal fistula developed so I got another temp. ileostomy so I could finish the adjuvant chemo: 8 rounds of oxaliplatin and xeloda. Just finished last week and will have PET/CT on Tuesday. Sorry for the reason but welcome to the board. Wishing you lots of good luck. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

    Dosage of xeloda
    Can you tell me how many mg per day of xeloda you took? What was you pill dosage (how many pills per day) Side effects?
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    Stage IV Colon Cancer w/ liver met
    Just found out Tues my dad has stage IV colon cancer w/ liver met.Mucinous Adenocarcinoma is the type he has.Went Thurs to get port.Starts Chemo next week.He was having abdominal pain and vomiting.Surgeon went in for exploratory surgery to remove obstruction.Found large tumor on colon, removed and reconnected also found small tumor on liver removed.I just dont know whats next or what to expect..

    stage iv
    I had stage iv in '05. Colon resection and about 50 percent of my liver removed, as well as 32 lymph nodes, 10 of which were positive. NED (no evidence of disease now. I'm very blessed. Jo Ann