Best cancer treatment facility in Michigan

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My wife is 30 years old and was just diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer on June 22nd (one day after the birth of our first child). We're both having an extremely difficult time adjusting and coping with this news. We're moving back to the Michigan area to be near family during her treatment. What's the best breast cancer treatment facility in the Michigan/Illinois/Indiana/Ohio area? Any help, words of advice or encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    It's pretty scary news
    You've come to the right place for any info on this diagnosis. I live in Michigan and we have several really great facilities. I go to the Henry Ford Hospital...Josephine Ford Cancer Center. As soon as I was diagnosed, I was practically lead by the hand through everything and felt very very well taken care of. By the time I left that first day, I had a ton of appointments already set up (I didn't have to do a thing...just show up) and a lot of info.

    If you have a choice, I would suggest a place relatively close to where you live as that facility will seem like your second home.

    Congrats on the baby.

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    What alot to process. So sorry for what you are going through. I live in Adrian, MI and we have a real hidden gem here. It's called The Hickman Cancer Center. My surgeon, radiologist and oncologist are all in the same building. They communicated with each other about every facet of my care. I am now cancer free, but felt so loved, cared for and respected by this amazing group of doctors. There are many great facilities, but I loved the small town feel. I could call up and just say my first name and they knew who I was. Very comforting.

    Good luck with your decision. I am so sorry you have to go through all this. Congratulations on your first child! What a blessing!

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    Where to go
    If your close to Cleveland clinic wonderful place, i live in ohio went to Riverside Breast Health. Staff and Dr's are some of the best around. Good luck with search
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    So Sorry
    About your news....this diagnosis is hard enough but I can't imagine all of the emotions you are all going to. I don't know the facilities in MI but just wanted to say welcome to the board. It is good that you are going to be able to be close to family and I know thsat will be good support for your wife. Find doctors you trust and believe in and then just take one step at a time. There is a lot of good treatment out there right now and we will all be here any time you need us.